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IDEAL GLOBAL TRADING As an outstanding US Forex broker. To provide global customers secure and secure online trading products. In addition to providing our clients with a platform for direct access to the global FX market, we also provide our clients with market news, analysis and trading conditions to make it easier for our clients to make trading decisions and execute their transactions with the most real-time information.

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Account Types

Account Types

IDEAL GLOBAL TRADING adopts international advanced STP / ECN trading model to provide clients with an open and transparent trading environment. In the STP trading model, orders placed by the customer are sent directly to the bank, and then real-time trading at a bank price close to the customer's price maximizes the fairness of the client terminal in the foreign exchange market. ECN mode, no traders interference, the use of matching transactions to facilitate the completion of customer orders transactions, in accordance with the optimal price and time to match the best deal.

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IDEAL GLOBAL TRADING works with and maintains partnerships with several industry-leading companies to provide our customers with a broader range of data sources and trading options. IDEAL TRADING leads with LMAX, Bank of America, Citibank ...

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IDEAL GLOBAL TRADING provides a stable foreign exchange trading platform, connecting the foreign exchange market. These platforms include the enhanced version of the MT4 Forex Trading Platform, as well as a wide range of mobile trading clients that run on iPhone and Android, anywhere, anytime ...

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Risk tips:

1. Margin exchange, differential contract or differential transaction involves high risk, which may not be suitable for all investors. While leveraged deals can bring you fat profits, it can also cause you to lose your principal quickly. Therefore, do not use any capital transaction that you cannot afford to lose; For example: daily living expenses, tuition, even loans, etc. Before choosing the IDEAL foreign exchange product, be sure to consider your financial situation and product requirements and trading experience carefully.
2. Whether it is an EA transaction or a manual strategy transaction, please be sure to understand the advantages and disadvantages of its trading principles before deciding to use them. The IDEAL does not provide any services such as calling a single, EA, EA trading program, etc., to replace the customer operation. If anyone claims to represent the IDEAL for the customer, please do not believe it.
3. Please be aware of the IDEAL client agreement and trading rules before opening an account, so as not to be terminated or penalized for triggering abnormal transactions.
4. Please be aware of the IDEAL client agreement and trading rules before opening an account, so as not to be terminated or penalized for triggering abnormal transactions.
5. If you do not have any relationship with any non IDEAL staff in private with any non IDEAL staff, do not have any relationship with IDEAL, do not believe any marketing means such as "guarantee the promise" of "stable month profit", and IDEAL itself will not make a similar marketing slogan, and do not allow IB to make such a commitment to mislead the guest. The IDEAL does not take any responsibility for this. Please ensure that the person who signs the agreement with you is willing and able to execute the agreement signed with you when the problem arises, if not, please do not sign it. IDEAL has no right and no obligation to be responsible for your choice.
6. The content of this website is for reference only. It is not recommended or recommended as a personal recommendation. Any reference or simulation of past performance contained in the content of this site is not a reliable indicator of future results. The customer is responsible for all the business of the IDEAL.
7. Please identify IDEAL's only customer service: official website online customer service, others are counterfeit, do not believe it.


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